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About El Pollo Inka Gardena - Peruvian Restaurant

El Pollo Inka serves mouth watering Peruvian Cuisine, specializing in rotisserie chicken. We believe it’s the best chicken you’ll ever have. Come in for our weekday lunch specials..

Our Story

Our story began in 1987 when Rosa and Salomon Jaime made the decision to share their love of food, family, and community with the world. In 1971, they immigrated to de United States with the hopes of creating a betting life for our family.

What began as a passion to introduce great tasting food from our homeland to friends and neighbors coupled with the vision of sharing Peruvian food with the world led Rosa and Salomon to the creation and birth of El Pollo Inka in Lawdale, California in 1987.

Peruvian food is one part Inkan and one part Spanish with a sprinkle of African, Chinese, and Italian influences. The Inkas gave us the potato, chili peppers and corn. The Spanish brought cattle, citrus fruit, wheat and rice. The Africans introduced vinegar-marinated beef on skewers (Anticuchos). The Chinese contributed soy sauce and stir-fry cooking (the Saltados) and the Italians gifted us with pasta. Peruvian cuisine is the exquisite combination of influences from different times and cultures, infused with distinct flavors from four continents. Peruvian food is, in essence, the best of four worlds!

From our mouthwatering signature Pollo a la Brasa, Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken to our best-selling Lomo Saltado, El Pollo Inka delivers authentic Peruvian food right to your table. Using only the freshest ingredients and spices carefully chosen and imported from Peru, we strive to duplicate the Peruvian experience from you. We are best known for our famous green Aji Verde hot sauce, a sauce that will awaken your tongue and ignite your taste buds; there is nothing like it anywhere else!

We are confident that you will grow to embrace the rich flavors and culture of Peru through your dining experience here at El Pollo Inka. We created our restaurants so that you can celebrate the joy of being with your family and loved ones while savoring an authentic and satisfying mean in a fun and upbeat environment. We believe our restaurant is a place where happy memories are created.

We would like to thank you, our valued customer, for allowing us to serve you since 1987. We look forward to Spicing Up Your Life for many more years to come!

History of Peruvian Food

Peruvian Food is as rich and complex as its history. The food is a multicultural mix of the fallen Inca Empire and of the successive waves of Spanish conquerors, African Slaves, Chinese laborers and Italian and Japanese immigrants who made Peru their home.

Maiz (corn) and potatoes are the staple food. As a matter of historical fact, it was the Incas who invented the freeze dried potato right there in the heights of the Andes where the combination of extreme cold bright unobstructed sunlight and fresh air makes the process possible.




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